Every time you go to the Google search page, you see all the special banners. Various banners can be seen in Google doodles on special days or birthdays of special people. So today's special day was no exception. Today, on the occasion of Bangladesh's Independence Day, the first page of Google has shown this special banner showing respect to Bangladesh.

Google Doodle Special Banner on Bangladesh Independence Day

This special banner shows the national flower of Bangladesh, Shapla, living in the river. And beautiful clouds are playing in the sky. The Google page praised the flag of Bangladesh and wished independence. If you click on Google's doodle, Google will take you to the search page related to Bangladesh's Independence Day.

Google's doodle can be seen only from Bangladesh. Google has been publishing special doodles on Independence Day for several years now. Google first displayed Independence Day doodles in 2013. And to show that respect again, Google is congratulating the independence of Bangladeshis on their page.

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