From today, the armed forces will be deployed to assist the civilian administration in the social distance and precautionary measures. And the 10 decisions taken at the emergency press conference to prevent coronavirus include restricting public transport, banning all social, political and religious gatherings. In particular, the main goal of the army will be to locate returnees and ensure quarantine in their respective locations. The coordination teams sent by the army will take an effective plan with the deputy commissioners to ensure the quarantine program for the people coming from abroad.

The army will deploy to prevent coronavirus

At an emergency press conference, Khandaker Anwarul Islam said the armed forces would be deployed from today to assist the civilian administration in maintaining social distance and precautionary measures. In particular, it will review whether any of the returnees are observing the prescribed quarantine properly.

Khandaker Anwarul Islam said if low-income people are unable to live in the city due to the coronavirus, the government will provide them with the necessary assistance, including arrangements for their return home.

In the country, 6 more people have been newly infected with coronavirus and the total number of infected people is 33 and 5 are healthy and 3 are dead.

The Covid-19 virus, which spread from Wuhan in China's Hubei province in late December 2019, is now the main cause of panic around the world, with 3,69,060 people infected so far. 18,5345 people died. Besides, 1,02,423 people have returned home after recovery.

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