Chhatra League members of Sherpur district headquarters cut the farmer's paddy and gave it to his house. On Tuesday, May 5, a 15-member volunteer group led by Abdul Quddus Muaz, general secretary of Sherpur Government University College Chhatra League, cut paddy of poor and sharecroppers in different places of Sherpur Union No. 2 in Sherpur district headquarters. They cut the paddy, threshed it, and gave it to the farmer's house.

Sherpur Chhatra League is helping farmers by harvesting crops

They have announced that they will continue these activities until the situation in Corona returns to normal.

Not only in this situation, but they have also promised to be by the farmer's side all the time. Chhatra League has always been, is, and will be by the side of helpless people.

The volunteers of the BCL member who came to cut the paddy said that the farmers are going through a difficult time now due to the Corona situation. Due to a lack of labor, they are not able to take their ripe paddy home.

Abdul Quddus, Lokman, Nayan, Palash, Rabbi, Shakil, Imran, Rakib, Sharif, and others were present during the harvest.

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