A child named Rahat (4) died after falling into the floodwaters of the Mrigi river in the Mirganj area of Sadar Upazila of Sherpur.

One child died in the flood waters of Sherpur Sadar

The accident took place at noon on Thursday, August 8 at Thanaghat in Mirganj mahalla of Sadar Upazila. The deceased was identified as Aslam, a fishmonger from Rahat village.

Neighbors and relatives say his father went fishing in the river with his son at 11pm. At one stage, the boy was sent home with a fish in his hand at about 1 pm on the riverside road.

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    But when he did not return home, his family members became worried and started looking for him in different places. But after searching all day and not finding him, they started miking.

    At around 9 pm, the locals rescued Rahat from the floodwaters of the Mrigi river behind the Thanaghat Mosque in the Mirganj area.

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