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Junk food is food that has a pungent taste. It contains added chemicals. These chemicals are unhealthy. Junk food usually contains animal fat or sugar. Foods like chips, burgers, crisps, cakes, biscuits, etc are high in animal fats. Sweets and fizzy drinks like cola and lemonade are high in sugar.

When we eat a large amount of fat, our bodies become bulky. Sugar damages our teeth and skin. Junk food lacks vitamins and minerals. It is seen that people often eat junk food. But homemade foods are fresh. They can develop our bodies. So we should avoid taking junk food.

Junk Food Paragraph for Students

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Junk food lacks vitamins and minerals. It is seen that people often eat junk food. But homemade foods are fresh. They can develop our bodies. So we should avoid taking junk food.

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