Debian 11 Bullseye Major Update Full Review

Debian 11 Bullseye Update

So Debian is used by absolutely millions of people. And if you're not running something like Arch Fedora, open Souza chances are you're either running Debian or a Debian-based Linux distribution. Now, some major Linux distributions are based directly on Debian, such as MX, Linux Kali, Linux, and most notably Ubuntu. 

And then from a boon to, we have distributions that you're probably more familiar with such as Linux, Mint pop OS is Zoran Elementary, and so on. So what am I getting at here when Debbie comes out with a major release like this. It's kind of a big deal. They only come out with releases like this once every two years or so. 

And when they do release a new version It's what hundreds of different Linux distributions are going to end up working off of. So Debbie and version, 11 codenames Bullseye is set to release on August 14th. That is today. So right now, you go ahead and download the newest version of Debian. So, let's overview. Some of the changes that are going to be in this new version and starting off with this new update. There are going to be over 13,000. 

New packages that were not in the W and 10 Buster versions made Debian 11 Bullseye, a total of nearly fifty-eight thousand packages going from Buster to Bullseye 62% of the packages have gone uupdated while 30, or 13 ppercentof them. Have been removed. So some specifics. Now, let's get into the kernel versions of Debian 10 currently sshipwith the 4.19 Colonel, this is moderately out of date. While 11 is going to be shipping with it. The 5.10 LTS Colonel. This will bring better Hardware support performance and some much-needed bug fixes. Next up.

We have desktop environments. That one thing you'll notice with Debian is even when a new Fresh release comes out. It's not really that new and that fresh, unless if obviously, you're comparing it to the previous version of Debian. Being 11 is going to be shipping with it. Gnome. 3.38 KDE plasma 5.20, L. XT e. XI l t is 0.16 matched. A 1.24 and Xfce 4.16, obviously, not altogether, but in their respective isos that ship with that or whatever is available in the repositories. 

Bullseye Major Update

So what gnome is a good example of this, not really to date thing. Gnome 3.38 came out About a year ago or so, and it has been the standard in the bun for quite a while most distributions that are shipping with Noms right now are shipping with the latest and greatest gnome 40, but there is a reason that Debian chooses to go with older versions and that is because their primary focus is on stability. So anything they're going to put out in an official release of Debian has been tested extensively. Now, in addition to the desktop environment. 

Some well-known packages are getting some major updates including LibreOffice moving up to version. And seven, Firefox is going to be on 78.9 and gimp is going to be going from 2.10 point eight, two, two-point, 10.22, and a whole lot more. So you can see for yourself all the different updates and improvements. Now with all this, we're going to get into some of the more exciting stuff at least in my opinion. Debian is also going to have a new default theme called the homeworld. So what we're going to do now is go ahead and dive into the system. Do a quick installation. Check out that new theme, just a quick little general overview. So, let's go ahead and Jump On In. All right. So right now we are booted into dipping 11 Bullseye in. This is used as the installer one thing before we go ahead and run through the iinstallation It's a little sneak peek at the cell wallpaper here. 

That's their new wallpaper that's going to be included then the Debian. So that's part of the Homeworld theme, very nice. So running through this installer real quick. We're just going to go Awith American English, and ick our proper location, which I'm on the west coast of the United States. Next, we're going to go ahead and erase the entire disk. And then go ahead and fill this out. There we go. And I would like to note that. This is the third and final release candidate. So there might be some small changes between this and the actual release, but that's highly unlikely at this point. So let's go ahead and go next. We Of our summary of everything that's going on. So now let's go ahead and install Debian new / Linux on this virtual machine. Alright, now, that we are booted into our fresh install. We're going to go ahead and run through this initial setup process. So let's go to English English. 

We'll go ahead and keep location services oongoingnext. I'm, I don't feel like setting up an online account now, but if somebody runs the next Cloud, this is a very handy step right here. I'm going to go skip fit or now and then, let's start using Debian. Gnu / Linux. So once it does open up, we get this little get started, helping thing, which will play through videos kind of giving you a guide on how to use this version of Nome. So for now, it's going to close this out and see what is going on in our system. First. We already saw this as that new background. Let's go ahead and go to activities and check out some of the applications that come pre-installed. So the default ffavoriteof, we have Firefox ESR. 

Debian 11 Bullseye Major Update

We got some Evolution Rhythm bboxes at LibreOffice writer. Files software and help. If I go ahead and open up the software Center, you can see it's just the standard gnome-software Center and of course, we can update W through this. We do have an update available, but I'm going to go ahead and ignore that for now. If we close this out, go to activities that this button right here to show all of our applications. This is what comes stock with Debian. We have a couple different games, sand ome dictionary chests. We have the gnome extensions. 

It looks like it is enabled by default, so that Is nice. Some other distributions could actually take some notes from their senior counterpart Debian by including lat out of the gate. If I scroll down here, you can see, we have just standard known files. 

Firefox. Again. We have the entire LibreOffice Suite, A couple different input, things, including keyboard controls maps, and then a good chunk of utilities here to help you manage and monitor your system. Speaking of monitoring. Let's go ahead and open up the system monitor real quick and check out our current. Resource consumption. 

You can see out of the gate we are using about a gigabyte of ram 14% of the eight gigabytes that I have in this system and the CPU is writing about 6%. I kind of cut it out, but I tried to open up this application here. So it might still be trying to open in the background, but I'm not a hundred ppercentsure. On that under processes. You can see everything that is open and I don't see that. So I don't actually think that is the case. 

Debian 11 release

Let's go ahead and close this out. And let's go into our terminal emulator, being that this is a gnome. It's just the standard gnome-terminal depending on what desktop environment you use, which will be a different Suite of applications other than our standard, default LibreOffice, Firefox, and hings like that, that will be included with the system. 

So I guarantee it's not, but let's check if Neo fetches are installed, it is not. So let's just do a good old Sudo apt to get, that is what you're going to use on Debian. Install and Neo fetch. See if it's in these repositories and ype in our password. And let's go ahead and continue and load up some Neo fetch. There we go. So from here and from here, we can see some information including confirming that test 5.10 colonel out of the default. We are currently running bash. And then you can see we're running gnome 3.38 as well as some information here. So with this, other than the standard gnome desktop environment, wherever desktop environment, You decide to go with. That's really about it. It. 

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Debian is overall a strong base. It's a great system to work off of the package management is fantastic. At least as far as managing it and not actually the updated nacelle of it. But yeah, that is Debian 11 Bullseye. Now, this isn't everything when it comes to the improvements from DDebbie'siintentionto Debian 11. There are also some major improvements in driverless Printing and scanning as well, as they knew a generic open command and persistent Journal. Functionality is Now the default and much more. 

If you'd like to go ahead and check that out. But with all that said, please tell me what you think of this new update down in the comments below. Typically, a new version is usually more unstable than the previous release, but with Debian iitseems that they keep getting more and more stable with each version. Amazing, distro and I would agree.  goodbye.

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