Anchor Metal Carport to Various Foundation Types

Metal carports are an excellent choice for homeowners looking for ways of protecting their vehicles from the elements. Installing a metal carport is also one of the least expensive ways to build a garage or storage area that will keep your vehicle safe and dry. 

Carport installations vary depending on which foundation you choose, but most can be anchored with concrete anchors. These anchors attach securely to cement, brick, stone, and other solid foundation types such as block walls and poured concrete slabs. It is essential to know what kind of foundation you have before installing your metal carport.

Concrete Anchors

If the foundation is concrete, concrete anchors offer the best solution for securing the metal carport. Concrete anchors provide much protection against winds and other extreme weather conditions. It uses expansion bolts designed for concrete. 

Anchor bolts are installed in a grid pattern on top of the concrete slab before being set and then carefully tightened. The bolts are tightened with a ratchet wrench or breaker bar to make them sink into the concrete as it cools. This is a great option for homeowners who want to anchor their metal carport fixed directly onto their existing concrete foundation.

Asphalt Anchors

Unlike concrete, asphalt requires a particular type of anchor. Concrete anchors or expansion bolts are ineffective with asphalt. This is because asphalt is made of softer material than concrete. In addition, it is more prone to developing cracks with bolt expansion. Asphalt anchors are designed as strong barbwire or screw-like designs to grab the asphalt like a fish hook. The installation process is completed by turning the asphalt anchor inside the pilot holes until secure and cables are used to fasten the base rail to the anchors. 

Asphalt anchors are best for homes with slabs that have been poured over an existing concrete slab. The advantage of asphalt anchors to your metal carport is the prevention of rust and corrosion. Asphalt anchors can be installed into new or existing slabs of all types. It is, therefore, an excellent choice for homeowners looking to attach their carport directly onto the asphalt. 

Mobile Home Anchors

Anchors for dirt foundations are best used to hold down a metal carport supporting heavy loads. These anchors can be installed into existing or new slabs of all types, including soil and gravel. It is an exceptional choice for homeowners who want to anchor their metal structure directly onto the ground.

Auger Anchors

Auger anchors are ideal for homes with dirt foundations. These anchors are installed by hand using a power drill and can be placed into existing or new slabs of all types. The auger anchors are more secure than the plain rebars because of their design. 

During the installation of auger anchors, pilot holes are drilled into the soil. Each anchor is inserted into the pilot holes a metal hole until it is secure. Straps or cables are used to secure the auger anchors to the base rail. / A key advantage of choosing auger anchors when building your metal carport is that they are reversible. This means you can quickly move or remove your structure in the future. 

Auger anchors offer the advantage of certifying your metal building for snow and wind load ratings. Other methods, such as rebar anchors, cannot be certified for wind or snow load ratings.

Rebar Anchors

Rebar anchors are perfect for homes with poured concrete slabs. Rebar anchors are usually 32 inches long and half an inch wide. Apart from concrete slabs, rebar anchors are directly placed on robust and sturdy soil. 

Installation of these types of carport foundations is done by drilling into the topmost layer. The rebar is then inserted through the holes to anchor it directly onto your foundation. Experts recommend strong auger-style rebar anchors for recently disturbed soil. Rebar anchors reduce the likelihood of corrosion or rust formation on your metallic carport.

Gravel Anchors

Gravel offers homeowners a stable and cost-effective building foundation for a metal carport. Gravel anchors can be installed into existing or new slabs of all types. It is a great option if you have dirt in your home instead of concrete. Gravel is used as a fill when installing the gravel anchors before the anchoring process begins. 

Gravel requires regular maintenance to ensure the ground is level. In addition, a gravel foundation is prone to insects and water, which may damage your metal structure. 

Metal carports are versatile and can be installed in many types of foundations. It is important to select the correct anchor method for your foundation to realize the best results. It would be highly beneficial to carry out thorough research before installing your metal carport to guarantee the safety of your vehicle and home.


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