Eight common influencer marketing mistakes you should avoid

Influencer marketing is a thriving industry that is expected to be worth 15 billion dollars by 2022. Of course, that also means that many brands (including your competitors) are probably utilizing it or thinking about venturing into it shortly. As a result, with the market nearly saturated, your brand must stand out to make a difference with your programme. Now you can only get the most of your investment when you cease making numerous influencer marketing mistakes, which we at the top influencer marketing agency in India encounter and overcome almost every day.

When done correctly, influencer marketing has the potential to reach a brand's target audience and prove to be more effective than any other traditional means of advertising. However, specific errors can prevent an organization from realizing its full potential, rendering all marketing efforts futile. To prevent a reader from a similar predicament, we have taken it upon ourselves to create a list of some of the most common mistakes brands make with influencer marketing.

Failing to set clear goals from the start

Before anything, you must ask yourself one crucial question - "what is the purpose of launching your influencer marketing campaign" "what do you want to accomplish in the end?". Throughout the 5 + years of our existence, we have come across many brands that seldom set campaign goals or select one because the competitors are doing it without careful evaluation - this is probably the first mistake one should avoid in influencer marketing.

Brand should realize that every business is distinct. Moreover, the strategies that give favourable outcomes for the competitors may not work for them. Hence, to prevent significant influencer marketing mistakes, we urge our clients to set clear goals. Before investing money in a venture, a company should weigh all the benefits and drawbacks of influencer marketing and create a detailed plan ahead of time.

With an objective in mind, our agency professionals can help our clients determine their return on investment. How do we do it? Before we start working, we define key performance indicators like engagement, website visits, conversion rate etc., that we track throughout the campaign. The data helps our clients make informed future decisions and avoid marketing blunders.

Partnering with the wrong influencers

Nowadays, brands are easily swayed by an influencer within their niche, who commands a high engagement rate. Suppose they find some attractive options, should they be in a hurry to work with them? - our answer would be No if to avoid one of the common mistakes in influencer marketing.

You have to understand that mavens are in it for the money. Hence, many will work with any brand as long as they can generate substantial income, without considering if the company's products will benefit their audience or not. What you get next is a bunch of people who lose faith in these Influencers. Worse, they also lose interest in the brands that they endorse.

At the agency, we believe that selecting the optimum opinion leader for our client goes beyond vanity metrics like followers. Our experts consider other multiple influencer factors like market segment, audience demographics, interest, behaviour, attitude, data of past partnerships, and expertise in the niche.

Not utilizing other mediums

Opinion leaders have the potential to reach their target audience, which works in a brands favour. That is why we pick influencers for our clients who assume multiple roles. For example, opinion leaders with a solid social media backing - who are also bloggers can create brand awareness for the company on different search engines when their blogs appear in SERPs.

An enormous following on Instagram should not dissuade you from working with doyens who are popular on Facebook - this is another common social media marketing mistake many advertisers make. At Grynow influencer marketing agency, we believe that Influencers are an excellent way to boost traffic and following across multiple social media channels.

We also believe that our mavens can endorse our client products in more ways than one. For instance, we ask our network of influencers to participate in email marketing campaigns, podcast streams, exclusive company events and other promotional avenues.

Failure in maintaining post-campaign relationship

Another mistake brands make with influencer marketing is to assume that once the campaign is over, so is the relationship with the selected opinion leaders. But if you ask us, that is probably not the best train of thought. Maintaining relationships with influencers should be a priority for brands - this is even more important when the recent collaboration is a success.

When our recommended opinion leaders prove effective for our clients, we urge them to do their best to retain their services. Besides, if the efforts yielded favourable results, it's only logical to continue working together for mutual benefit. At Grynow influencer marketing agency, we help our clients recreate successful past campaigns by maintaining a long relationship with effective mavens. 

However, suppose the outcome of your partnership was nothing to brag about, and you would prefer not to repeat this mistake in influencer marketing. In that case, we advise you to get in touch with our agency experts and find relevant influencers that fit better with your marketing objective. After all, it would help if you established connections with some of the best opinion leaders in your niche.

Restricted creativity in content

Social media platforms give creators the freedom to produce diverse content, including text, videos, images, etc. Our creative heads are always at the forefront of providing valuable input to influencers during the creation process.

Restricting mavens from expressing their ingenuity is one of the content marketing mistakes that a brand should avoid at any cost. We understand this; hence, when working with brands and influencers, we give the latter enough room to be creative with the post details. We do this because our opinion leaders know their audience better than anyone. Trusting them to create content will enable them to better present the brand's offerings to their loyal followers.

Now for the hard part. There is no doubt that we have immense faith in our influencers. However, we also make sure to check their work after its completed. After all, influencers are also humans and, like everyone else, are prone to mistakes. For example, When they fail to provide a link to your company's website or misspell a post caption. Content can make or break a marketing campaign; thus, we do our best not to compromise it in any way.

Not seeding influences within their niches

This is an influencer marketing mistake that many make without being aware of it. As mentioned above, we allow influencers the freedom to express themselves creatively. But that is not the only thing. We also ensure that they are well-versed in and are enthusiastic about their respective niches. For example, suppose our client sells beauty products. In that case, we ensure that the opinion leaders we recommend are frequently visiting beauty salons or are posting about makeup tutorials or trendy accessories on their social handles. After all, we want our influencers to tell the brand story and legitimize it in front of the target audience. As a cherry on top, we also instruct them to use brand hashtags and links to direct users to our client's websites, social media pages or products.

Ignoring The Fair Trade Commission Laws

As you are probably aware, the fair trade commission necessitates that Influencers disclose their collaborations. Naturally, the same rules apply to us, our clients and doyens. So, why are we talking about this here? With the massive influx of influencers in recent years, there have been increased instances of gross violation of people's rights on all social media platforms. Customer and social media users were left in the dark about which opinion leaders endorsed products or services of a brand because these mavens retained disclosing this information to the public - this is primarily why we are covering this topic in this article.

What common digital marketing mistakes do we avoid to not end up on the FTC's blocklist? We make sure that our influencers use hashtags like #ad or #sponsorship in all their brand social media posts, for starters. Next, we utilize branded captions for the content on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. We also ensure that a remark like "Paid partnership with X brand" appears above every image or video we upload.

Undermining the potential of niched influencers

After years of working with some of the top brands in the world, we have realized that many still believe that big celebrities are better for their goals than niched Influencers. Still, in reality, it is a common influencer marketing mistake that is best to avoid. 

In our case, size doesn't matter; however, the bond users share with their preferred influencer does. Working with us and collaborating with a couple of micro or nano opinion leaders will be more profitable for your brand than placing all your hopes on some popular sport or movie celebrity. Not to mention, it will also be lighter on your pockets.

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